The American S.T.A.R.H. Foundation

Supporting Troops After Returning Home

Our Mission Statement

     To help reduce and eradicate the suicide rate of post-9/11 veterans and military personnel by providing a structured format of assistance whereby the maximum amount of stability and self-sufficiency can be achieved for both the veteran and their families through the SEVEN STEPS OF STABILITY. 

Our Foundation Slogan

Remember the 22

Our Vision Statement

     To provide veterans and first-responders with the information required to help them with EVERY ASPECT of their lives. On a single consolidated format. Also to establish an American S.T.A.R.H. Foundation chapter in every state of the USA. Concentrating on states with the highest numbered of deployed military personnel first.

Our Foundation Motto

Please help us to help them make a better choice

     Every day 22 American heroes die from suicide in the United States. What this means is that after the day is done, 22 of our military veterans have taken their own lives. They are unable to cope with the stress and struggles of everyday life in addition to what they’ve experienced during their tour of duty. Statistics show that there are more domestic casualties amongst our service personnel to date than there were casualties among the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars combined. Similar staggering statistics regarding suicide exist within our first responders’ community as well. 

"This unfortunate reality must change...and we must take the responsibility to change it"

Blade Anthony, FMF Combat Medic, Veteran