The American S.T.A.R.H. Foundation

Supporting Troops After Returning Home

How We Help Veterans and First Responders

Eligibility and Requirements for Service

The American S.T.A.R.H. Foundation currently serves all service members who:


  1. Have completed their tour of duty, are separated or retired from military service with an honorable discharge, and who currently reside at home. 
  2. Reservist personnel with at least two years or more of service who have been deployed overseas and who currently reside at home.
  3. All active-duty personnel in need of assistance who are on leave or who are in between tours from deployment overseas and are awaiting orders at home. 

** First responders and dispatchers are eligible as well **

The Seven Steps of Stability

  1. Suicide prevention and awareness
  2. Shelter acquisition and utility payment assistance. 
  3. Food and clothing support
  4. Medical disability rating procurement and benefits awareness
  5. Job placement and career planning
  6. Educational advancement guidance
  7. Self-empowerment and leisure activities

Supplemental Programs

  1. Transportation assistance
  2. Volunteer opportunities
  3. Fundraising and sponsorship support
  4. The P.A.L.S. Program